'2019' 'love' 'becauseiloveyou' BecauseILoveYou ' Suicide prevention' 'meaningful'

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She told me that I need to let her go. She said that I don't need to be okay with this, but I can't stop her. I thought she was the worst friend in the world. How could I go on living if she'd stopped?
something isn’t right. i have bullet holes, but they aren’t from fights. i got stab wounds, something isn’t right.   i got these tattoos when all i saw was blurred lines.
i love you. i’m in love with you. you ruined every bit of happiness i thought i could try to have and now without you, i’m scared i won’t be able to be who i am or who i want to be...
music was my drug. it numbed me enough to make it. i didn’t feel anything anymore. i hadn’t felt anything in a long time— or at least until you came back. i was smiling... but without a purpose.
I wanna know what it’s like To have my head on your chest and our legs intertwined And I wanna kiss you til I can’t breathe I wanna kiss the air out and put love in its place
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