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hot. hot wax. burns it all away. i barely even flinch anymore. it's all new. White. Pink. a cooling touch of Green. each stroke of Brown. an angry claw. we dream of change forever.
With every nasty comment negative review downvoted post bitter message Ares smiles at his so-called success. "I am the god of war!" He would always exclaim
So the adage; The fall after a pride is true after all. At the crossroad I stand, Uncertain of the path to take this time around. Man for chill. After all I only live once. I took to abusing drugs.
I am afraid You don’t know it from the outside I am afraid Yet 16 years of challenge taught me to bury my emotions I am afraid
Sheltered with only a few windows Those in which are covered with plastic Nothing comes in, nothing goes out  Except for those bright rays of sunshine in which you sit to feel warm 
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