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Set ablaze, red hot from the flames. Thick ashes fill the air and block the lungs of those unlucky enough to find themselves trapped within. Engulfed by the inferno, unleashing its rage on anything that lives.
A little scratch A tiny scrape Falling into the crevasse again I didn't know the love of late Could push us deeper down
I am fire Wild and unforgiving  Soothing yet destructive My lips? They cannot be sealed I cannot be contained I started out as a match Insignificant, quiet But now I am a raging inferno
Even the greatest- scientists, engineers, painters, astronauts, walk across crowded streets, surrounded by everyday people with everyday troubles, suffocating on the smoke of their own personal
I sit in the dark letting the sounds of Saviors “Rise against” pump through my noise cancelling headphones. Next I listen to Three Days Grace “Just Like You” followed by “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies.
Fire cackles, shadows dancealong the walls ina twisted waltz with the smokethat storms your lungs and ashthat tastes like death on your tongueyour hair and clothes singed off
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