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So is this what you wanted? To become a stranger  to your family for money? To leave your flock.        Confused Believing you can navigate the storm.           Vast Instead it pulls you in.                Parasite
My heart hurts  And I want to tell you.  You are lying  next to me but you are not there. And I am crying
blood and fire; seeping from the cracks. flooding with desire, and blurry flashbacks.   bathe me in daylight, so i can lick the flames. your love burned too bright,
  I try and try to hold, to no prevail as my labial frustration spews and echoes through halls with paper thin walls separating us from the stares, I don’t care... I DON’T CARE  
[This poem was written at the end of  a very long and emotionally tiring week.
Joyous people make me sick sometimes Not because they're joyous Nor because they're people But because they're joyous around me Seeing them happy gives me red eyes, a simple person ready to commit crimes
There's a saying around, saying ignorance is bliss, I didn't know he would hurt me, so ignorance has a twist; A twisted plot to come and kill me and to leave me with a kiss,
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