significant other

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My feeling for you is the elation you feel when you see a shooting star, And your heart climbs into your throat with exhilaration.
My Dearest Lover, I don’t believe in using metaphors to define people. Metaphors are romanticized. If someone is defined by the metaphor in which I put them in, people no longer see the person,
Because I want to make sure you are safe I ask you to text me when you get home with no harm Because I need you to communicate with me so when things happen there is no need to raise alarm
My world often gravitates into a dark side of the universe, sinking deep into that darkness without any light, moon, sun or stars.
Sometimes I just wanna sing So loud it makes my ears ring But it's not enough It'll never be enough I've got no better way to say   I love you, I need you, I want you, I miss you
It's so strange and almost silly that I noticed little things about him, sometimes things he might not have realized about himself before...  
Don't ever leave I want you to stay Don't hide how you feel I feel the same way   Don't keep me waiting I've been very patient But don't rush either I'll savour each moment  
Iridescence I long to feel you,       every day that you have been gone. Your clothes stay folded in your drawers,       my phone never rings,             your drum set collects dust,
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