'2018' 'recovery' 'mental health' mental motativtion

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I was always the happy one There would be the year I just faked it all, 11th grade year was that year, for me The year where I realized I was done--   I was coming back from my left knee being shattered,
dear, anxiety   it’s so weird that you have a name now  I use to always think that’s just how humans lived on 
Maybe you smiled at me todayMaybe you said 'hi' in the hallsYou may have complimented my hairOr something that made me feel not so small.Maybe I got a good gradeOr something that made me not use my bladeToday I am happy Maybe you tripped me at sch
Dear younger me, Did you think we’d end up here, again? After all those years searching in the dark, We’re right back where we started Just with longer hair and straighter teeth. Now we can hide our face
Spoken Poem   My battle with myself affects everything I do in my life ...   Sometimes. I just lock my self in a dark cold room and just sit myself in the middle...   sometimes when I’m with people. 
In a world full of plight, It helps to spread kindness to each other. The care we give make them bright, And the good feelings we gift brings us together. It doesn't take more  than a minute
  greeted by light i entered this world content with a brightness i never questioned. the darkness was anger, loss and hurt, those things i’ve been taught to fear.  
i just needed something to drown out the silence that i had surrounded myself in. my feelings that were written on the walls weren’t loud enough. that’s when i found music. music saved me.
i wrote my thoughts on the walls but they still kept me in my mind.  let me rephrase that— i wrote my thoughts on the walls but i was still stuck in my own mind.
the only time i was at peace was when i accepted the only way i would get out of my mind was in a casket six feet under. but you never saw this side of me. i never let you. i never let anyone.
The night is as painful as the morning the silence cries out where noise fades joints turn to lead, muscles dissolve into acid What monster are you?  
My eyes are seared by suns chapped lips taste the sand The pounding of Thor’s hammer on the fragile glass dome.   Crowds roar with but a whisper
There is a dark place in each of us, That many can't escape, Where permanment slumber is what we are told to crave, We are stuck in a dark embrace, we think we can never break,
I live in a cage that’s locked from the inside dark, drab, and dreary I blend in with the gray My heart feels no sympathy
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