'Hard times'

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It keeps escaping me Slipping through my grasp  Itcontinues to pass Running laps on my ass Never know when it’s going to be my last
I look at that first twinkling star. Remember when we looked at them through your bedroom window? I make the same wish: soon, we won’t be this far.  
LyingStealing Cursing out familyHittingAbusingAre things common of this timeKilling for any random reasonIs a issue we all encounter Going to sleep wondering what the next day will bring
As I ran towards the water and my feet were met with salty splashes of the ocean, 
I want to see the world from your eyes To love the way you love To feel the way you feel When you are loved And you loved me.
Broken Harts Nineteen year old mother, Father and mother don’t love each other? Father not around, Mother crying on the ground.
Dear crush, Thank you for existing Thank you for being perfect and reminding me that I’m not.
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