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Is grey your favorite color? The shade of stagnation The memory of disappointment The sky on the worst of days   Grey like the colors of your heart The grey from stormy clouds
Reality hits, Sadness bites and it really hurts then it dies No one can rely and just can't play It can all be a reply then somebody must repay
“It’s okay.”   I can still feel it. The way your lips touched mine. Without meaning. Without feelings. I missed them.
Hello! I am the narrator, and this, is my story. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Her name was May.
Popeyes or Five guys? Either way, I'm getting my cajun fries. Feel free to attempt to stop me. For that is an impossibility. Have a nice day!
Enough. It's a word that describes something we can never have. It doesn't matter what it is. It could be friends, clothes, beauty, happiness, money and more.
hatred seeps through the streets of the city anger at a wanderer who has done nothing but appear they hate his freedom and lack of care that they must remain bound to daily drugery
Appearance, they couldn't do much. Battered clothes hang off the shoulders of them. Conquering the battles of the homeless people was my mission. Dead people walking is what they seem to be.
Swallow, swallow, swallow   STOP   A gray hue coats the surface of every object   A drought in the mind   Scene after scene after…   Black and white spots  
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