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I am a terrible texter A shitty snap-chatter A flop on Facebook And all around awful at any form of virtual communication I blame it on my depression sometimes
Newer times found me just as disdained as I found them Mood indigo farewell blues, I'm in love with my sadness Just as much as I'm in love with you
Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow I am not slow You are too fast Why must I change It is you that has too high of expectations This will help none of us
Look twice, save a life they said, I thought once, considering the instruction; It is known that a great number of lives are lost every day,
  Death is slow Like a sick flower with bleak petals that no longer grow One by one, the petals begin to fall Unable to avoid the final death call  
I really should begin to go.You know I didn't mean it though When I said “I won't see you”. As the clock goes farther in timeAll you do is stay on my mind.I hope for you; that's true, too. Although I know down in my coreI will start to see you mor
  Sleeping in, meeting my buds for coffee, longing the day away Yeah, I was slow out of the gate after High School, what can I say.   I had no trade or craft, all m friends were getting "the" degree.
Your fingertips graze my cheek, my head still and warm on your chest. It is a lazy Sunday morning, the end of the week, with nothing to do but rest.   This week was tough, the days slow and long.
Swallow, swallow, swallow   STOP   A gray hue coats the surface of every object   A drought in the mind   Scene after scene after…   Black and white spots  
The INSOLENT hands of the clock are shadily employed by boredom itself Each tick is a moment spent examining the air each tock is the scream of a perishing elf Dormant, idle, indolent, motionless
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