'family' 'mental health' 'depression' 'anxiety'

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Are we ever going to put it on display That clearly unclear discomfort that brings us soo much shame?   Can we ever stand soo tall? Stretching thin, -a brittle break-  
How do I get out? I have been locked in for so many years. Hidden behind a bunch of lies, Hidden by her fears. Clutching on for my sanity,
There is a dark place in each of us, That many can't escape, Where permanment slumber is what we are told to crave, We are stuck in a dark embrace, we think we can never break,
Recovery something beautiful  and yet so chaotic, words sweal  forming memories  thoughts   Recovery seen as negative, reminder of what we are what we could be
I have to write a poem. I'm sure you all already know. I didn’t know what to write, or what to say.
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