'Coming Out' 'Depression' 'Sadness ' 'fear' 'depression' 'Inspiration'

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She saw sacrifices. Sadness , scare seized. She seemed selfish. She select school, sealed scoreboard, send sense showed significance .
  A small brown girl sits in the middle of a poorly kept lawn, the weeds sprouting all around her.    The oak tree is shaking in the wind, and the leaves are falling.   
I had no clue   I kind of figured   I don't care   What the hell is wrong with you   I will try and remember   Whatever  
I have been holding onto these hundreds of dreams, That needs to be fulfilled. With thousands of agonies heaped up into a pile. And countless fights with the monsters in my mind Yet, I still want to fly a little high.
The True Facts About A Woman And A Man       A woman marries for love, A man marries for sex. A woman is giving, A man is selfish.
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