o'captain my captain

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Drive, With power and force that breaks walls To make towering obstacles fall To get up off of the back and manage to push through
you were the first one that was happy to help.  the first one to not be upset  at the removal of your time, for the improvement of my life.   You were the first one who listened to me. 
I remember the day with gray skies overhead and over my head. The weight of my problems, heavy on my shoulders, pushed me down and down and down. I look over at the couch,
The wayward road that leads me astray Somewhat led me to this heaving Slander Where the moulde'ring heap of knowledge  Flustered not astray   A woman she was brave and humble
She is my shelter through the storms Teaching me not to let anyone interrupt my inner peace She is the subject of unconditional love
Trapped in my own tempest You guided Becoming my hope to safeness I sailed Turning my darkness to light I travel
There are days, When I can't help but look at what I have done to my own body. The scars. The marks. I did that to myself. That’s the worst of it all— I am the monster of which I'm so desperately afraid of.
Life is a whirlwind, constantly spinning and dancing around us, the gusts of joy and pain, victory and loss, swirling us about any way it seems fit.
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