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I hear the sounds of gangs fighting like red fire, lobster and shrimp being cooked on orange, warm grills.  People being served at tables with happiness, the loud sound of barking dogs that turn black,
When I was young, I was so carefree, At least that’s how It seems to me, Ain’t it sad How things turn out to be?   Full of hope, Full of passionate dreams, A thrilling new world
Today I do not wish to be awake
Sometimes I'll be in a really great mood. I'll have a jump in my step as I listen to the rhythm of different tunes. As I dance through the songs my heart will often skip a beat. Could this song really be about me?
The poetry that has most affected me is that which is set to melody. Lyrics of metal, pop, and psalm give me the strength to carry on They settle my mood improving my attitude,
The mood was right; headache, loud noises, babies crying, tight spaces.   You notice all the curves and lines you would have never saw.
 When I get down and lower than my natural highs,I turn music for my moods to rise.I sway and I dip,sometimes I silently scream to songs,or mouth the words with open lips.Whether via beats, guitars, or even rap bars-music gets me out of it. 
A single tear of mines falls into the sea & turns the oceans tide. A bellowing depression sucking my soul deep into sadness is the whirlpooling vortex of the blue pulling the fisherman below.
I remember the end of June,  Oh my, It was like my favorite song, but except now it sounds out of tune.   We would look up, Wondering what we got ourselves into,
It was all a dream My Life has been all about humiliation every time I get home I cried but thought about my situation.I know someone else has it rough but I'm not that tough I'm a marshmallow,
On Monday, joy takes the stage and translates to a beaming smile. On Tuesday, the forecast reads for a cloud of doubt, but no one notices a thing. On Wednesday, the cloud is overhead.
someone once told me that depression was god's way of weeding out the weak as if there were no room in this world for people like me people who can't just "suck it up" and be HAPPY
I thank you all, even my enemies.What a crazy thing to say.I thank you all, even my enemies.You've made me who I am today.  
The day of all days is the day that I triumphed,
I've got you in my bare hands. Yet it's as if I am at your command. It's no wonder you have a reputation for being so witty. You know my secrets and at times they're for you to keep.
Do you have those days? When the world is on your side, walking by you, protecting you, to reassure that she, is not as bad as people say?   Do you have those days?
Everytime I look at you, my feelings always differ. Whenever I see you, and I feel happy, it puts a smile on my face. Whenever I see you, and I get upset, the entire world is out to get me.
No one will understand why, They won't try to either. Comes out of no wheere, like you've been struck by lightning, Sends unwanted tingles througout your entire body. Sweat drips Speech goes Eyese close
The colors of the sky Matches to the shadows of the eye When one is blue The other one is too But as the lives go by With nothing more than a sigh One looks up high to see What color the sky would be
The sky is dark and moody, storming as it goes Screaching against my weary window Let all the dry leaves float My day continues, starting dim Now brightening as my sun arrives My happiness now arise.
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