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I am very excited to tell you about my favorite space – The Vessel, a tourist attraction in New York City.
wandering through streets window shopping up and down what a luxury   beautiful buildings young and old, they surround me cause me to wonder   the golden sun sets
I suppose you think you're very great Standing there over so many Other buildings Even if you are not the tallest Not anymore You know, Pride is dangerous Men fall Nations fall
It starts with a thought, Using the brain to the fullest. Then a little doodle is sought,
Three StepsI don't want this architecture degree,the $60,000 debt and 90 hour weeksjust so I can get the jobthat will change my life.No.I want the job
Indecision, unwilling to compromise  the slightest change that can make a difference in your life. We think that the world is going to become foreign once we stepped onto new grounds.
the Earths depleation   our completion can't we fix it?   ehh... in a bit what is stopping us?   hey, don't throw me under the bus i am a future architect   yet i cant fix it
Sometimes I force my eyes andheart to flit as one, seeing the steel stone mortar
After all the people leave— The raucous laughter has died down, goodbyes have been said, The lights have all gone out, and people have left for some other party— What happens to a building?  
I built a place of brick and stone, Somewhere to lay my head, The light shines through the southern face, A window near my bed.   This place I made shields me from all, The elements outside.
Wood The yellow grain encircles A center once alive We live within the branches Milled to modern size Once just small new seedlings Placed among the weeds Now the walls of cities
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