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She wanted you, but she needed something else not for herself though so she did what she knew best she let her wishes go she choose the need and she did get it she should be happier-a bit
Family has written the world couldn't  persuade them into loving art yet art was hanging everywhere I stood. even coercing them for peace In a home of clocks and carpet and reconstruction
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. True. Those are the lyrics to a song, but let’s be real here for a moment. You know you need me, just flat out admit it.
I was scared, Scared of what we could of had. Scared of what we should of locked on a pad. Scared of something that could go bad.   And now, I stand. Confused with these flowers from another man.
Even though you hate me I continuously look back to see if you miss me You spread your hatred for me to anyone who will listen You plaster your loathing for me so loudly that it's hard to ignore
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