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I have seen the tortured minds of my generation rise out of the ashes of   insanity naked in new birthborn of one-night stands to fathers angry at street-level poverty looking for   another damned fix
I   I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, wasted once happy kids, lifeless souls, lifeless monsters, ghosts
Oh lord, look at the moon
I Am The Wolf, Quite And Sleek,  You'll Never Find Me, No Matter How Long You Seek.   I Hide In The Shadows, For You No Not Witch One, But I'll Make Sure You See Me Smiling,
I saw the best of their generation enveloped      In the blaze of their heat In the passion of their words, In the rhetoric of their demagogues 
His white muzzle is concealed in crimson The rogue at his feet heaves its last breath Sure of its death he limps away Back to his pack He must defend them Whatever the cost Blood drips from a leg
It’s What She’s Not   I A yellow rose twisted on a wire hanger in the closet, and even that imaginary,
I saw the SHALLOW SOULS of my generation induced by the spirited connection of NEGATIVITY’S SPELL Being judgmental on a person’s looks Doing nothing but mope about being a nobody
Love is blind yet it sees the most Are you fearful because you can't run away when you're uncomfortable? The beast in you is the monster in me You tear me to pieces but it sets me free
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