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Period. Not the kind present at the end of a sentence, not the kind that boldly sends a message.   But the secret kind.
College is right around the corner IB, AP, everything's all behind me now Tuition and money got real, but how? Childhood gone, adulthood's an order   Gonna be living on my own
Before I was, I had to come To the forefront of death, of life. And without any doubt of the from; I now exist amidst the strife. Without knowledge known to me yet, No pressures found or even cared
The street is strolling merrily along when
The leaves on the treesFall every autumnIf they can fallWhy can't I? I'm drifting downwardsAway from youIf someone doesn't snatch meI'll be gone.
The colors of the rainbow, hmmmmm! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet; Let’s add White and Black. Why not even Gold and Silver?
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