'fear' 'anxiety'

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For   I am a young woman of poise and rationality but there are times when I'm nothing but scared.   People pass and go but surely they'll never know
Anxiety is Not a friend  That I can comprehend  Yet I try to mend  What I can not unbend By trying to blend With people I depend So I don’t transcend Toward a dead end
i’m breathing in and out rapid and unsteady i have serious doubt finding i am unready   i don’t know what to do i’m pacing i couldn’t possibly see this through my heart is racing  
Something's not right.It's sudden and sinister.Making my chest feel tight,an unwelcome visitor. Suddenly my heartbeats beats beatsI’m going to fall apartI want this to cease.
Beware of the retreating whisperer, who whispers into the heart of man.Beware of the invisible force that dwellswithin the clouds and manifests without warning.
Dear Anxiety,   Please leave me alone.  Am I such a pitiful being, a delicate soul, that you find so amusing to mess with? Is it easy for you? Do I make it easy for you?  
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