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Love is kind Love endures Love is patient
Love is kind Love endures Love is patient
  I will stand with you though all your life’s seasons Sometimes I won’t know the reason Except, I love you
Through time we will stand, together we won't fall. When the waves get rough, grasp hands, stand tall. When your world is shaken and torn at the seams, I'll hold you tight, through your nightmares and dreams.
I mean something important To Nobody
You say you are sorry, / And leave. / Which adds to my burdens, / I heave. / You say "I love you," / Then stab, / The sensitive heart, / I do have. / You say that you want me. / Ignored, / As I pour myself out, / On the floor.
All of my life before I became a wife Everyone told me How to be, How to be Even if it wasn't me I married a man We had our own plan We still hear their voices We make our own choices
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