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Life is like a sport, hockey is a sport, in life a mentor is needed, as is in hockey, your mentor shows you your first steps, my coach showed me the ways of life,
A hockey team skates slowly over thin ice. Lonely but not alone, the goalie stands, Guarding a meaningless area That has been assigned temporary meaning. Her head held high, she takes the puck,
I was raised by Tenacious and goal-oriented Leading by example Striving to exceed expectations “Nothing is handed to you. If you want it you have to go get it” Type of role models
60 Minutes Left Woah, that little girl has got power in her lungs, go you. 52 Minutes Left Inhale -- Cold, crisp, the kid in front of you has nachos...
Bell rings, class to class skating, shooting, passing, sweat eat, study, homework, sleep
She comes fast, speeding down the left wing board. A shot, a rocket, to my new facemask. Blackness. Ringing in my ears. No pain. Lord, I do not trust myself to stand. The task At hand – “Cover it” – a voice far away. 
I skated down the ice, trying not to nice, I took the only shot, and it felt so hot, the crowd went wild, what I didnt know it was for that one child, the buzzer sounded, knowing he was rounded, they won the game, because of that second of fame.
No sport moves fans more than hockey where in the playoffs all emotions are felt There is hate between rivals There is hope amongst fans
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