'Abuse' 'pain' 'sadness'

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I see it there, a beautiful rose, though now only a tiny green bud shows. It will slowly blossom into an elegant flower, that represents love on the midnight hour. It’s lovely petals so delicate and thin,
How are you? You ask this but, I’m not sure you want the answer. What’s wrong? A million things but, I’m sure you want to hear “I’m fine.”
Dear Evil Man, I dont think it's fair. Not at all. Why do you acquire happiness? I think to myself, "Why? Why is he given a family? And a loving wife? Why is he worthy of living?"
Dear Abuser, Nice to see you again, no matter the undoubtledly awful situation. Flowers of all kinds float around the room. And a preacher says a prayer while everyone sobs. Well, not me. 
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