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I can't see tomorrow, I can't see today, The only thing that matters is NOW. Now...             A world,                         A universe. The essence of understanding,
I’ll never leave the fantasy of The life I’ve always wanted: A bird become free, as I can see; Yet is a world never imparted.  
I was kept silent, With my inner voice screaming her opinions, but the outside reaction without any interest.   I was kept behind a mask,  afraid to be free, of myself I had no dominion,
Blossoming remorse Sage scented lies Blank minds begging to be divorced from themselves Discouraged by the aroma of the room.   Declining souls mourn for deciphering 
­­­­anger boiling in me Oh lord when will I be free My dark past haunting me Happiness will i see? It got my cheast heavy Cant breath Why my feelings so slippery Happy now minutes later um angry
Poetry, poetry, poetry. You are far different from a tale. You are the only thing stopping me from telling this world "Farewell". Although I typically talk to very few,  you my friend, have made me anew.
Dear Home,   Every time, I march out the front doors of the airport, Gazing over the crowd of families, Tears trickle down my cheeks,
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