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There is a feeling that many students get at least once, usually during exam season. It’s the kind of feeling where you just don’t care anymore.
Scritch Scratch. Uh, I dunno this one. Come Back to it A C D B E B B
And you glance at the date And the clock in the corner; It’s already getting late. Your eyes are tired,
Write  Write Write essay after essay I'm almost there just a little bit more annnnnnd there I made it  now what?   where do I go from here
Exams  What can I tell you  that you don't already know? They suck out you soul  as you study They take your comprehnsion  as you re-learn We teenagers may gripe and complain but....
Pounding heart, Endless fears. Repeated lines, Whispers near. Creeping time, Torturous hours. Prayers abound, Shady stars.
Clean, innocent Unaffected by time   Full of laughter, dreams imagination, and life   Antebellum...   But no, no it's ending Erasing that clean beginning  
Twas the night before exams, And all through the house, Everybody was worrying, Even the mouse.   The textbooks were out, Coffee mugs laid near, As I sat by the fire,
Into antique graffitiYou slam me;Books filled with the company ofEnemies and falsehoodsMold me,And them,And usInto mechanized monsters,Unable to breathe,With disparities for
BOOM!  The moment you've been waiting for, maybe not but whether you're ready you must show what you got do what you can while your fingers are hot truth is, you know a whole lot
Studying hard each day and all the night, to achieve that grade for each pressing test. Brings emotions of frustration and fright Because all one wants to do is their best.
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