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When I think of you, I think of all that you’ve put me through. I feel the imprint you left on my mind, on my heart.
their words were building blocks,stacking one, by one,by one, on my chestat first,
To my dear old friend,  
Dear past lover    I remember opening my heart and difficult life to you . I remember the laughter , first times , and happiness. Past lover I remember you ripping my heart out and not caring.
Dear Future Me, I know that you've come far. Between dealing with friends who were wolves in disguise and learning to love yourself despite the thickness of your thighs.
i Remember looking down in the car tHe conflict in sounds had been won aS I lay curled listening to my life's lullaby sInging "dont you cry." i Am older now.    But something has changed. 
Dear Heartbreaker, I think of you every now and then Just when I’ve forgot You’re on my mind again   There are no remedies For all these memories I can’t forget And I don’t regret
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