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“Chin up, put a smile on that face.” Well I’m sorry that I don’t feel like smiling today. “Just try to think more positively.”
I’ve built my city beautiful and tallLights beaming, neon glowingAfter years, my city was finally builtIts atmosphere clearUntil the blue sun rose& changed it allThe blue sun beamed for months& moved all of the skies cloudsInto the tall bu
Lust is fleeting Love is forever Lust takes Love gives Lust craves and devours Love heals and restores Lust is self-centered Love is other centered Lust is about pleasure
Aabbchot aabbaadd aabbswallow, tall body hair free callow, dreaming again of being naked, exploring gorgeous creature, soon both slaked, in nurturing super bright light,
Laying in Isolation my desolated thoughts couldn't be much heavier, My head hurt as the dilenma was inconclusive, These lntertwined thoughts led my bamboozed self to the Red sea,You see? A choice was to be made,
Dear sylvia plath, kristen stewart, Josephine from my chemistry class, and every other girl I know, 
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