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  at the edge of the world I stand and take in the spray of waves on my face the expanding sky   at the edge of the ocean I wait for a sign
Staring in the sky In this deep blue eve, Thinking once again Of those past gone days. Old patches still hurt my heart Scared pain threatens my way Oh am trapped in mysterious world.
Is it stupid to believe that you are capable of anything that you set your mind to? Do some people feel like that no matter how hard you work they may never come true?
This poem reflects a bad relationship: Dear whoever cares, My heart hurts. My stomach hurts My chest hurts. It's my entire body actually. I feel like I forgot how to breathe. This isn't right.
Stay be their side, stray from their shadows. Lead them.
i admire the crayons for no matter how you push or how hard the pressure they'll pick themselves up and cling to their other i admire the crayons for when in times of stress they melt together
The world is notBlack and whiteIt's gray -Millions of shades of itAnd it's hard to knowWhat's rightAnd wrongAnd what's in-betweenIn that gray area
You talk about all the money that you blowed Preaching to our youth to get throwed You Rich and Famous acting like you really cold This is one thing you never really told That the mainstream gettting old
We don't believe in change, at my school It's actually quite a pain Why wouldn't they want their students to learn Such an essential thing? A course was created and designed  to help construct student leaders and yet the course is criticized  By m
  How to fly beyond the flock who does not lead Is no easy task But can be achieved.
More emotion than you could ever know is poetry Yes , its when I feel a vague entity But you do understand, you understand the monogamous relationship
"Hey! Remember me?No?Come on! Don’t you recognize me? Your best bud since that quiet scary night in 93. You were just a babe, remember, sleeping in the dark? When I swept in like a clever snake and crept into your heart.
Time enchants her victim, begs me near to sharp being…Wraps round frail shoulders as she tickles porcelain cheek.
Someone once asked me the question, “What are your fears and your dreams?”
It's too hot, It's too cold, I'm tired, I don't want to go. All excuses to escape and hide from your fears and failures but what is really the thing
I write to be Ambitious I write because I'm Notorious and When I'm feeling Glorious I write to Educate and To Lead with my Intelligence I write because I'm Caring I write to get through Anxiety
Focus our eyes. Are we stuck in the wilderness? Lead us to the promise land. Lead on, lead on... We are the chosen ones. We stand together. When you call, we will answer. You will provide.
How does the world turn? Do angel wings beat the air? No! We make it move. Surely you feel it; The planet's strong heartbeat. Giving us power.
How does the world turn? Do angel wings beat the air? No! We make it move. Surely you feel it; The planet's strong heartbeat. Giving us power.
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