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When my friend and I finally got chicks, they decided to leave us.My friend's name is Butt-Head and my name is Beavis.I thought that I was pregnant even though I'm a boy.Because Butt-Head and I are stupid, people get annoyed.
There is a gas manager named Hank, Who puts his currencies in a bank. He values handling propane Over him handling methane. He stuffs his work shirt with a gas tank.
My eyes cannot trust what it is seeing. A blue steam engine wandering past me. His name is Thomas, and he is fleeing. His speed clears the branch line of all debris.   As I observe closely, he pulls coaches.
There was a blue creature called a smurf. His tiny mushroom home was his turf. One day, he picked up berries, And he's guided by fairies. He was itching because he had scurf.
Here's a villain named Robbie Rotten Whose bad deeds are nearly forgotten. He wants to continue sloth In order to hamper growth. His efforts are then misbegotten.
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