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O Music! Towards you I wander  after longing for a lovely friend.  You open your arms wide, tell me I’m not alone,  hold me close to your soul, 
Like a burst of color behind my eyelids You're bright and bold, A contrast to the monochrome that swallows me whole. It makes me glad I met you, When every moment we spend is brand new.
When peace envelopes you like the steam from a hot cup of tea, all you can do is embrace it back. Alleviate yourself from all of life’s stressors,
Ezra E. Ohly 165 East Street Wellington, Oh 44090   Dear past self, I wish you the best for what is to come.
Because I love you, I mention your mistakes But you lash out at me With words like swords and tears streaming down You forgot me at one point I remember though, of all the tears that made me drown
Love is tiny roots supporting a giant tree Love is a wave carrying a message in a bottle from shore to shore Love is the sun lighting up the moon Love is the storm after a drought
Dear Jesus,  The wind is howling, It seems it will never cease.   Dear Jesus,  I've heard the bible story Of You calming the sea.   Dear Jesus, I feel scared right now,
Sometimes, Being alone is better than being in a crowd.   Sometimes, A hug is better than comfort.   Sometimes, Silence is better than words.   Sometimes,
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