healthy love

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all we were before was just two lost nomads, been traveling to different places and searching for the right warmth of one’s embraces.
The brave never settle, can’t seem to rest. I know this, but I’m resting in a chair sipping the diluted “tea” I paid five dollars for
Healthy love can be hard to find but when it is, it’s a special kind.   Loving fires bring no pain just warmth and light through pouring rain.  Not always will we walk in step but each stride should echo a promise kept 
Love is not sadness Love is not being ignored being rejected or being belittled Love is not crying every night,  because you don't feel like enough Love is not constantly wondering
love to grow   i. Baby Love   When I was a child, I spoke as a child The most musical language I’ve ever known
That happiness your face gives me Makes me feel whole But it does not mean we must deatach from the world The happiness your hands give me I could not ask for more
Because I love you, I will cherish you For who you are. I will help you, I will stand beside you. I will encourage you When no one else does.   Because I love you, I will make an
There is something to be said of the force that lifts us at our lowest, Turning our words into those of poets. Allows us to know well their mistakes and flaws, But to still see them and be struck by awe.
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