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Every week the grass grows too long. Blades of grey that sli- ce the air But softly touch We worry however That our toes Sink
When you hate all of your photos and can't find the right angles. When you're struggling with repose, and when your hair's in tangles. When your acne begins to show,  and when your eyes are puffy.
Last night, I dreamt of a little child, never saw this child in waking life, never saw your skin, never touched your cheek. I looked at you as you walked by, wondering of your life. I went to find the biggest something to bludgeon you with.
Because I love you, I am faithfulBecause I love you, I am kind and patientBecause I love you, I pray for you dailyBecause I love you, I am not selfishBecause I love you, I am not easily angeredBecause I love you, I am understandingBecause I love y
Love is not "butterflies" in your stomach. Love is the feeling you get when you take the first sip of a hot beverage on a cold day. It is when you have the first bite of your favorite meal.
I still remember the day clearly, for me he will always look lovely, especially when he was wearing his jersey.   He walked up to me and asked "would you like to have a date with  me?'
We all have issues in this life none of us is perfect. There will always be someone better then you in this life. But you can be the best you can be in the mean time. See positive reiforcement strengthens the heart.
The love I feel for you no one can compare No one could ever show how our love is not rare We started as friends and been together since The thought of you leaving makes my heart wince
The day started smooth and had a groove reminiscent of rythm & blues. The day kicked off right, it was bright, so bright that it would have lit the sky on the darkest of nights.
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