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The heart plays the drums as the metal bird runs, Up, up up they soar. Down below metal ants roam freely upon the ground. Heart beat in my ears as if it wanted free. Only one hour, only one and no more.
I took the climb to the summit. And i looked down over the railing it felt as if i was gonna plummet but then came a ringing my alarm clock was singing  it was morning once again.
I stand high above the water Jump Jump they say It is fifty feet I'm scared They want me to jump One, two, three I fall into the water Crash into the waves
In the heights, I fear In balloon ride, I go In heights zero fear
Is success being famous?Is success being a millionaire?Or is it being the owner of immense power?Is success a change in you?Or is it the machine form of you?What is success?Loosing me for power, The idea does not really flower.I own a castle, now
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