working class

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To know thyself  is to self destruct  out of luck  Crying out in newborn desperation  People watch in fascination  Called to discrimination  Ears filled with litigation  One nation 
Screaming, fighting,  sacred food was the symbol of the 1980's. The weekly baths, always a storm, I went last, only to find the water had gone luke warm.  Dadday gone working in the mine, factory, or some other shit pit
The first day that really smells like September. Crisp, cool, requiring a sweatshirt. Seeing the millrace and being taken back to Autumn of 2009 in Pennsylvania.
America is greatbut the people who made is great don't get to experience it when profits are low they cut jobs instead of their paychecksthe only people who feel the burden are the ones just trying to scrape by
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