about him

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I never thought I would look at someone  like I did with him. He wasn't like me.  He was braver, and more resonable, and faster.   Oh how he was fast.
"Howdy" he wrote From a mere click my life changed He made me realize that emotional connections are worth it That he's worth it The pain and worrying that he might not be safe It's all worth it
They pick you up, there by your side Feels like Cupid cast a spell Unable to measure how much you fell, You open up, hearts open wide Thinking about them, not just a pastime
I think the reason we cry when we are just that happy,  is because we are afraid to lose something,  that is so rare to find . . . or at least that's what I do with you. 
Remember when you laid next to me in my bedYou remember, yeah don't you?Covers over us and bodies pressed togetherYou loved me, didn't you?Well that's what you said when we were done fucking
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