corrupt politicians

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Crises sur crises Les mamans et les enfants s'évanouissent Crises sur crises Misère sur misère
Crises upon crises Mothers and children are swooning Crises upon crises Misery upon misery My friends, there’s no peace here
When corruption  in politics becomes  expected,  when it becomes  the norm,  corrupt politicians  become the only 
Our blood is red,Straight ahead it runs,In tons,To the heart that beats
I am blind I have a pair of eyes sometimes even four. I see you but not really... I cannot perceive what is right in front of me.
There's an issue Somewhere The issue is Something   What it is I don’t care   Because this issue Whatever it is Wherever it is Can be solved  
In America, we are free To do what we wish Thus, with joy we cry And oh how we pray That freedom has not died For if she dies we are lost
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