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Here upon this old woven chair She sits in the land of the inbetween Perched under a wooden sign post The one rooted into muscle that sits between our ribs   There at the very tip toe top  
As they walked away They took the child in me Along with them, I saw  My childhood fading away     I had responsibilities like an adult I had to live in the world of catastrophe
I. She lets you sleep in her lap in a Chelsea Starbucks around noon. You both are tired travelers like butterflies fresh from the cocoon. Your wings are still wet.
blue turned to gold.   Prince Eric   Turned away   Ursula found Me   lost alone dry   love takes you strange places.
Growing up I didn't really have a momOr dad I had to play that role from the first time we were left aloneHad to make my little brothers bottles, I was only 6 But what can I say you grow up fast When all you ever seen was drugs and abuse around yo
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