anti rape

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Dear Rapist, it was three years ago now. That lonely day when you defiled me Where I screamed and cried for you to please go. My fight was for naught unfortunately.   You left me there, ravaged and abandoned
Dear (ex)stepdad, Forgiveness is suppossed to be a powerful weapon.A weapon to use for healing, for moving forward, and for forgetting But what if I can't forgive? What if I can't forget?
You can pull my teeth but please don’t mess with my lady Hit you so hard it'll affect your unborn baby Of the top I'm sending shots to you from babolyn Two lefts don't make a right but try now when I add this wrong
Sex. That's all I am to you. To have as you like All day and all night. Until your pleasure is through.   Breasts.
Spread your legs, darlin’. This won’t hurt a bit. Shut up. I said shut up! Stop fighting. It’ll be easier if you Just.
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