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The name "Tokyo" may ring a bell,  One of the best known cities, from what I can tell. It's a shame that no one talks about southern Japan, beautiful and full of temples that are quite grand. 
Demon king of japan By A.R.T   Beyond the orient lies nhion Land of the rising sun Were war rages for 900 Years where the demon king
日本語で 小説を書く したかった   Nihongo de Shousetsu wo kaku Shitakatta   I wanted to write a novel in Japanese.   今までも
Orange, yellow,  red, Slowly all the leaves decend, Autumn fades to snow
No time to think, or act at that matter. Hands full a tray falling to the ground             out
I went to a dance one night on the Queen Mary in May where the ocean kissed the ship the same way the guests tip toed on deck that was adorned with pearl necklaces of lights
Chocolate you taste so good And in the morning, My face and your goodness meet
One place One mind One me At one time. No try Just do At this I call My one school. I've found a place that makes the break. It cuts the cake. Only one place.
There is a beautiful woman down the street. She owns the cafe, known for her delightful treats. No one knew more- But she led a secret life through the entrance of the moor.
Executive Order for no order, Was a citizen now, an enemy all after a day that lives in infamy, Hawaii, California, West Coast, no longer. so called just desserts, in the desert
old man yamamoto was deafer than forests like someone had spun clouds in his ear drums wrinkles spanning deeper than canyons sometimes we wondered if dust storms quieted their journey of fury
The breeze blows across my face The trees bow and rise to me The petals fall and encircle me while they journey to the ground The sweet aroma fills the air around me
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