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  A funny little joke  okay now lets not choke no, not a vine...  But why you always lyin'? what are those?  Daniel sure don't know... Lets ask Spongegar...wait I mean Harambe...
Don't Touch My Treasure My spaghet, so precious and delicious, The flavor that ignites me with hope and optimism Just by thinking about it filled me with enlightenment
Dear memes, You're the bomb I hold you all in my palm, In my phone  Cuz that's your zone, Oh, memes how I love you.   Yes, memes, I love you, and you know that it is true.
Sometimes,  i lose hope. sometimes the pressure is too much sometimes the memes are too dank for me for my family for my community for us all so i must share them  BUT!
2016 was supposed to be the dream Turned out to just be a meme
The alarm goes off at four the sun hasn't even risen yet I have and I couldn't feel worse it's cold and dark out there no sunlight to guide me yet I go on
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