Abuse of Trust

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Once I did trust, I was so foolish To be caught in lust I was caused to blush   Once I did trust, My tears fell like rain
Dear Stranger, These Constant Thoughts & Void Emotions I Would Like To Perceive Of A Sign Im Moving On Always Has A Way Of Tricking Me,  Into Choosing To Go Left Rather Than Right.
The Day we met I believed in “Love at first sight” I knew nothing other than the color of your eyes The shape of your lips And the rhythm of your voice The Day we went on our first date I knew that this was right.
Trust, Seek the lies, Felt to those unwilling. Blindly approving. Blindly accepting, Temping the tempations, Of those who are lost.
Someone asked me who I was a year ago I said a happy, nice girl. Someone asked me who I am today I said a depressed, distant girl. Someone asked me why that is
In the little time we have shared you have yet to cross me, but if I say "yes" my tears are at risk.   That may not seem fair to you but it doesn't have to be because I am fragile
I remember, you remember, we all remember, That September when my boy, when your boy, when all our boys, Joined that team with radiant faces, shining uniforms and innocent hearts
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