alton sterling

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(1) You are a father and husband. You work hard but can’t pay bills. You sell bootleg dvd’s to make extra money.   (2)
I watch and I hear but where do I start It seems like America is falling apart This land of the free this home of the brave Is killing it’s people and digging their grave We feel everyday when we turn on the news Another hashtag is trending anothe
Black lives matterAll lives matterBoth are true, but who's killing who? Not just murderSilent murderOf hopes, dreams, crushed by circumstance. From povertyMore povertyThe cycle pulls people back in. Arrived as slavesRemained as slavesTo blind, sup
To serve and protect  They've inscribed on bullets That they've lodged inbetween the ribs of black innocence.   Dissonance between the black and the cop Caused be reasonable distrust 
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