2016 Why I Write (Scholarship Slam)

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 I was depressed at a young age, Becoming a new person every day, Never crying, emotions looking for a way out. It came to me three quarters into sixth grade. I paused from running away to stare at a golden page.
I was never good at speaking my feelings into the air for others to hear  but I could write it. if you gave me a pen and paper I could make sense  of the hurricane in my head as I bleed onto the paper 
I writeBecause I mustBecause, sometimes, spoken worddoesn't express everything that needs to be said
Thoughts in my head ebb and flow as do currents Waves upon waves, wash ashore but my mouth–it rarely opens   This pen and paper
Closed eyes Darkness They can see you Look left! They can hear you Look right!  Nothing there Cold breath crawls in your ear Tunr Around!  Did you see that? They heard you 
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