'daily life'

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Loved Replaced Abandoned Birds flying in bright sky people gathering feathers to make jewerly succulent being abandoned in the desert ,but being bought for aesthetics 
America the Great! We yell With our high educational standards Our freedom of speech and press and opinions Our equal rights
I can’t see what I don’t know  To busy working fingers to the bone It’s easier to see what you’re trying to hide  if you know just to look in plain sight,   
Know Yourself. This life is not so easy, give time a tog to settle down for a reason. Realize it is inevitable to swerve out of place, like your first steps made, hardly to keep in pace.
2016 was 366 days of dreaming, of learning, of reflecting, of growing myself into the person I long to be.   2016 was 366 days of laughter, of ideas,
This year was like running in the country. Running up the tallest hill Just to trip and fall on the way down Laying in the dirt wanting to give up You get up anyways, walking home just to come back the next day
To overcome hate and rage To Train one's mind Is a thing that is possible through self discipline. Through knowledge, power, and perserverance I can overcome any obstacle in my way. Rid myself of the negative
Life reminds some of the hills, others say it's more like mountains. I say the thought gives me chills, like a cold breeze drenched in a fountain. Yes life does have its ups and downs
A pain Overlooking From under of the door sills Overlooking suffering Uniqueness of paddle in heart Closed of the doors
A morning light The sun peaking through my window to greet me A ray of light that shows me hope has come Hope that the day will go great Hope that this is a new day
Those who awaken and live each day as a lifetime shall die stuffed with adventure,                                                                                                       But those who die a hollow cavern have lived lives of assets a
What is the beauty in life you suppose? Maybe it's the way we never expect a suprise at every turn we make in our lives. Maybe its the way we expect every relationship that we get into, to last.
A cloud of Turmoil Stress can just soil Positive Hopes Left Unsurfaced All the Dark Weather is  Just of Satan's Teather To Pull you in the  Sand that quicks the Despair of life that Creaks
5 A.M.                  The alarm clock goes off like a fire alarm waking me from my dream state.                 I stumble through the labyrinth                 gathering my stuff and getting dressed. 
Saturday morning again, and the bees are wanting to settle into our c-l-a-v-i-c-l-e-s.
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