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So oft doth love be blindly thrown into An endless savage cycle of deceit, For thyself the results are still askew. Wherefore it ofttimes is so bittersweet? Although I knoweth not what love entails,
What have I done to deserve such a fate? The stars finally yell at me, go away. How can my life result in so much hate? I will have brought about my lord’s doomsday.  
Where is my father? So have I a noble father lost. The King, the king’s to blame; Treason! Treason!
Love knows no bounds so show me something boundless, take thy blushing lips and breathe unto me the wandering love unkept by the cage of your breast.
Sweet Countess   To the all encompassing countess, Whose glance could ignite a dance of butterflies in the fiendish of villains,
In darkness of night sleep steals you away, And still is your heart, in your fatigue, It’s all in your head but to your dismay, You enter a world full of intrigue.
Juliet, where ever shall thee be  Romeo Juliet is in her room Well then I must goest to her  Romeo she is almost dead you shall beest late yet again 
My love for thee is deep as thee cause boy you´re worth it but your not worth it thus you don´t deserve me let me love thee  
To be, or not to be: that is the question. The question that promotes advanced thoughts of experiences not experienced
Shall I compare thee to a winter's day? Thou art more hollow and more distressing; Rough winds do shake your meaning far away And empty words are long from impressing.
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