2016 Bullying

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Oh. You see that girl standing at the locker? The one putting the lipstick on? The one who has the blonde curls? Her mother works all the time.. Her dad is mental in the head.. Oh you grew up with her?
This one goes out to the bullies, like the ones who always used to pull on my hoodie, the kids who never got in trouble, because boys will be rough and girls are going to be sassy,
You tell me to model for you because “I am beautiful”, But then you go and edit myself away. You fix the frizzy hair that was in my face because of the wind that I don't control.
Have you ever felt the rain? The pitter-patter, like my fingers on the table we ate lunch at every day during school The pitter-patter, harder now, like the waves of shutting lockers in the halls we once laughed in
They walk down the hall ten of them faces filled with joy, laughing at their own jokes  they're coming towards you now  you look down and pray they won't see you  it's too late 
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