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wrap myself to keep me together at each side  each and every morning carefully reapplied out of tears and pain the cloth is spun and throughout the day it comes undone   some days i do a messy job my hands shake and my head starts to throb my smil
wrap myself to keep me together at each sideeach and every morning carefully reappliedout of tears and pain the cloth is spunand throughout the day it comes undone  some days i do a messy jobmy hands shake and my head starts to throbmy smile begin
silent and invisible it grabs hold of my lips it begin's pulling me down to the darkest depths  shaking hands rest on my thighs my mind is twisted and full of lies shattered is each bone broken is all that ive known   curious, my minds wandering u
Crackles of fire Situation becoming dire Short lived laugh Skipping class Heavy weights on eyes No one hears our cries Skinny fumbling figure Finger on the trigger Body heavy as lead
A band may not mean much to some, but others thrive on everyone.  Bands communicate your thoughts onto paper, and sing them so you remember it later. And this band that means so much,
I write to ease the pain of the day, untold with many stories to say. My pen moves swiftly along each line, while I sit here and wait for the words to align. Hours upon hours, while each word empowers.
The illusion of perfect symmetry, holds us from grabbing our key. Fabricated poise and sophisticated balance, shakes us to our decrepit core. Surreal intellect and courage so strong
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