big sister

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I see the misty skyline  of a dirty city  in the distance and i think  what would you appreciate about this scene? which aspect would you absolutely adore? and which would you wholly abhor?
A baby girl emerging to the worldSoon voices rang with one wordBig SisterFor twelve years as the only onethe world appeared to rotate around meMy entire world changed when she arrived
She's a five foot fighter Her eyes tame fires Girl Scouts trained her to be a survivor She is someone everyone admires Not the best driver When life backfires, It doesn't deprive her
Dear Alicia, It's me, your sister. We've never met, and we won't meet until a very long time from now.  Since I was a little girl, I always felt that there was something absent from my life.
Dear sister,<p>Paragraph one.</p> I told you how much you mean to me and how much you always made me grow as a person, How I wouldn’t have made it through freshman year without you.
Dear Davlyn,
Dear Davlyn,
Dear Sister, Do you remember that time we built a teepee in the woods? It was our classic Bridge to Terabithia. We took branches from trees,
I see my worst enemy and my favorite best friend. I see the only person that I can tell my worst fears and my best dreams.
I could write a poem that no onecould tell was for you. It would be about sparkly purpleeyeshadow brushed onto sensitive eyelids,Lucky by Britney Spears being replayedand the foul smell of burning hair
The greatest look i ever received was the fire in my father’s eyes the accepting ocean in my mother’s and the entire universe embedded in my sister’s my sister
Your smile is so radiant it brings happiness to the blind And when you turn around, mmm i love that behind Your frequent change in hair has me on my feet Your fashion is so creative no one can defeat
There are things that people needBut what do I need the most,Something that makes me smileEven when it is not very close. I have a dog who I love
He has little fingers, and brown eyes that look like mine. He's made me a better human since the day he first smiled. He's got me wrapped around his finger, and he knows it very well.
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