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You came, you saw, you conquered. You conquered, came, then left. You promised love and joy and fuck, You fucked and left the rest.    Your serpent words they fooled me. You had a gentle touch. 
Claiming sadness to be all your own Your only comfort in life, the sorrow you've known. Could anyone know the tear as well as you? Be seduced by the pain, as it cuts your heart in two?
Longing the attainment of enlightenment,
I'm in love with Cleo, Tori or whatever you call your clit; Because when my tongue hits and that pussy spits, Giving you orgamic waves making your body have fits.
Fuck me.  Reach into my soul.  Fondle my heart strings, Play into your role.  Consume me in lust and a filling desire. Hold me down, As my gasps get higher.  Crave me, 
Summer rays continue to penetrate me as my sweat licks his body. He now penetrates me. The sound of his voice is hotter than this heat.   Needle like fingertips on my tighs and ass. This sin is scorching.
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