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days like this with crying gray skies make me wish i was an artist because then i could show you how beautiful this day is how bright people are shining like paint pallete beacons
Black and White  
There are angels who bathe in colors Painting hues of sadness and drops of courage Upon a blank canvas waiting to be explored Marked by the handprints of babies learning to crawl
I see the color of the sounds As the baton mutters soft gloomy tones My mind paints a picture of blues and greys Colors blending and creating a scene
  She has fire in her veins, and venom in her heart. She is cool, calm, and collected But when you cross paths with her She can be your nightmare.  
Imagine losing a perception An entire     senseSightHearing TouchGoodbye everyday independence 
My name is green Just the letters and sound It's full and green and heavy Not at all like me.   I feel like red Just like passion and drums I'm red with shame and pride
The brain is a peculiar component - so unknown and intricate. With all the puzzles and the pieces, which we cannot solve yet.   One of these puzzles is a condition.
Hair wavy ripples teal tinted aqua skin supple hubble bubble nipples cripples bystanders even when fully sheathed Sweat drips and drops and plops beneath the penholder quivers at sweet nostalgia
I awaken to, Sirens outside my room, Dark grays explode in my, Mind as I try to gather, My senses on this ship, That was never supposed to sink.
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