stranded on an island

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Jaden and Margo charted a boat to go deep-sea diving for a day. Then the storm came out of nowhere    with insane winds and frequent thunder. The boat's captain would not make it.  
Sitting here in shadowed sorrow Not knowing the true pain of tomarrow Unable to see another face Being stuck here in this isolated place No recognition to be found Gustling of wind is the only sound
they told me i was going to be stuck on a desert island and all i could bring was just one little thing. now, i sat and i thought, i tried my hardest to plot the most clever “one thing”
Stranded out at sea I have but one... One important question. What accompanies me? Who accompanies me? I must make my choice. This decision may make or break me.
Far far away. Stranded, alone. A new life awaits, from all I have known.   The one thing I want, the one thing I need, is simply a book, belonging to me.  
Dragging along Desolation Only to feel deserted From the company not present. Yet, This defiant mind Is not lonely.
I can not live without it, without it I would die. I can not live without it, i can not even try. I can not live without it, its most important to me. I can not live without it, I bet you would agree.
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