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I cannot live without words. An amalgamation of letters That we form to be heard They are a creation and a treasure. The dictionary is our map on this journey We search and we wander
The quickness of a sudden breath was all it took. You were gone.   Picking up the fallen pieces Of me Of family
Science: I need this. But I'm afraid it does not  Quite fit the boundaries Because it is not only  One Thing.   Science is beauty
There is only one thing I can’t truly live without It’s a tool designed to erase every fear and doubt   In fact, the best tool I have I can’t visibly show This tool is none other than confidence, don’t you know?
I’m stranded. Don’t know where I am, starting to lose sense of who I am, but that can’t occur. See, while my location may be unknown, my identity and ideals cannot be gone
My Glove, KC KC is my best friend. KC is Golden brown with pink lining, she’s a beauty. When I was 12 years old I told my father I wanted to play softball.
Years and years of searching For who I am and who I want to be. Traveling, relationships, friendships Each molding and shaping what is now me Here I am back where I started
I could not live without you, the best mother in the world I could not live without you, whether in my home or in my heart I could not live without you,  your words of wisdom, not always so kind
There is one thing I absolutely need A friend Someone who is close to me Someone to talk to, someone who cares Someone who is always there to dry my tears A friend
Never again would I ever  Want to be alone, without the  Damned firey patter of your Body.    Never again would I want  To have another's fingerprint Investgate the edges of my  Skin. 
Left to my own devices I find the lack of devices rather spartan for my taste Left alone to exist I am left thinking of the things I used to waste Left til' the end of the line I make my decision with haste
​Sure we can start with  what a need is and sure we can  define a want but, what about life? It is based a lot on  needs and wants like, I need pants, so I want this brand
During the first day of College in my Molecular Biology lab, The teacher made us each pick up a tab. As he had planned an ice breaker with the intention of getting to know everyone.
Acting All I have ever wanted A stable future All my parents have ever wanted I want experiences, dreams made into reality, a life that is my own, happiness
The one thing I cannot live without is myself because she is a piece of me.
If there is something that I cannot live without, it would be my imagination, without a doubt. I was adopted and family means a lot, and there are things that I have bought, that I hold close and cherish dearly,
Dreaming about happiness and the end of all sorrow Creating this fantasy of a flawless tomorrow Thinking that someday we will live in peace and not war I refuse to live any longer in constant abhor
If I were stranded On a lonly islad I would need A song indeed Silence would the music fill Sadness would the music kill With the song I would not be alone A familiar tune would take me home
All I need is all we need For I am not separate from the whole I am not detached from the array of pieces.   All I need is a world full of centered souls A world crawling with warmth, radiating with heat.
Everywhere we look, everything we see, involves nature. Animals, plants, humans. We’re all part of something much bigger,
The sweetest things are always the hardest to obtain. trapped on an island i'd only need one thing. Pineapples. sharp exterior. sweet interior. The best things are always the ones you have to work for.
All I need is Sydney There is rhyme and reason why  Stranded on an island without her I may die she keeps me sane and stable;  She is my best friend can't you tell 
Hungry, secluded, The lovely grace of  mouthfuls, Food, I take along  
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